Mes jums galime pasiūlyti aukščiausios kokybės produkciją.


Peat is an organic sediment that is formed in bogs and is flammable in the dried state.


In the high-moor bog's layer of the peat deposits of Butkai, the bright white peat is dominating.

The peat deposits of Butkai are reduced by the company of ArunasAndrijauskas, which annual production is approximately 50-60 thousand m³. In the company, the peat is collected with pneumatic collection devices and is pressed on pallets in large bags (Big Bales) of 5.5 m³. The weight of a big bale is about 700-1000 kg. The moisture of the peat in the Big Bales is less than 50%.143 m³ - 154 m³ of peat or 26-28 Big Bales are loaded onto a truck.Peat fractions: 0-40. The peat is used in horticulture and floriculture.

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