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The peat deposits of Butkai are located in the southern part of the district of Telsiai, 17 km south of Telsiai and 1.3 km east of the centre of theZarenai village.A 0.5km long road for the transport of goods leads from the unpaved road Zarenai-Kursai to the peat bog.The working plot consists of two production fields, which are surrounded by sewers and separated by the embankment of the former narrow-gauge railway.According to the cadastral data of Lithuanian peat bogs,this peat bog was first tested by the Forestry Department in 1933 and by the State's Funds of peat bogsin 1958.In the years 1965-1971, the top layer of peat has already been reduced on an area of 15 ha [1].


The peat bog has been researched in detail in 2002 and covers an area of 55.3 ha.The layer of peat is ideal for the production of biologically degradable peat, peat substrate and fuel bricks.The degree of degradation of the peat is 16 %, the ash content 1.03 % and the content of tree stumps 0.1 %.

The peat deposits of Butkaiare reduced by the company of the plot owner ArunasAndrijauskas.

The business area of ArunasAndrijauskas' company is the working of peat and the wholesale and retail of peat products.

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